7 Great Coronado Restaurants You Don't Want to Miss

7 Great Coronado Restaurants You Don't Want to Miss

7 Great Coronado Restaurants You Don't Want to Miss

Penguins! It's absolutely great to see you again on this fine day. I see that you've made your way to Coronado, and are starving. We just can't have that, now can we? There's plenty of local restaurants that will go and fill up your belly. Of course, these restaurants are nothing more than suggestions from The Daring Penguin team. You may go and turn your beak up to these, in which case we're sorry. We'll try better next time. But anyways, we're here to provide you some places that can help stimulate your taste buds like there's no tomorrow! We hope that you'll enjoy what we've found you.

So without further ado, here are 7 great Coronado restaurants!

1. Nado Gelato

Ice Cream of the Kings!

An ice cream place makes the top of the list? What? You heard right. Nado Gelato manages to stand out from the crowd and easily become one of the best restaurants in all of Coronado. This isn't because of anything special really, other than the love and care that is put into all of the ice cream that they sell. Or at least, that's the poetic way to say that they have some delicious ice cream.

They have a ton of different flavors, and it's just absolutely stunning how they can make such a simple treat so filling and ultimately wonderful. Now, I haven't had a relationship end any time soon, but if I did I probably would move away from Coronado in fear of spending all of my money on Nado Gelato. They are without a doubt, some of the best ice cream that you could expect to taste, that it'll be hard not to get too dependent on it when you're sad.

2. Leroy's Kitchen

Food in a Friendly Environment

Leroy's Kitchen is a great place to go and just hang out with people while having a grand old time. The menu is what you'd come to expect of a standard American restaurant, although it's absolutely stunning how amazing things that you've come to expect can taste. It really helps as well that the entire restaurant feels very welcoming and helps people feel at home. If it weren't for that, it would be lower on the list. But yet great food, and a wonderful environment skyrocketed it to a higher position.

Make sure to drop by if you're in the Coronado area. I'm sure that Leroy and the rest of his employees would love to serve you. I mean, it's pretty much like one happy family over there, and everyone just wants to go and join. It's honestly surprising that they haven't expanded into a national chain.

3. Primavera Ristorante

The Primal Restaurant

What do I say about Primavera Ristorante? It's a fantastic Italian place that goes and makes you feel as if you were in Italy yourself while you're eating, and that's absolutely great. You'll end up loving the food and the ambiance of the restaurant!

Taking that into consideration, how's the food? It has some outstanding dishes that rival some of the bigger Italian chains. If you are in Coronado for a day or two, I would recommend that you make a trip to Primavera Ristorante. You wont be disappointed by what you've come to taste.

4. Islander

Fresh Seafood with a Superior Taste

Islander is a seafood place with superior tasting seafood. If you're in the area and like seafood, it's worth it to stop by.

How's the food? With just saying one word I think we can sum it up to you; outstanding! The fish tastes like it's getting up off of your plate and just dancing it's way into your mouth because of how delicious it is. It's honestly hard to go and get away from Islander, because of how amazing the fish is. It's almost like a siren is singing in an effort to force everyone to stay there. Daring Penguins reaction to that is as follows; Siren, we don't care if you sing or not. We'll becoming back regardless, for many years to come.

5. Miguel's Cocina

Miguel? Where are you?

Please come around and get some of the best Mexican food that you'll ever taste. We don't know what exactly Miguel goes and does to the food, but whatever it is, it's great. The meals just go and disappear as if you never even ordered anything. Honestly, we're starting to think that we just go and fall asleep and wake up full, because it's almost like the food just disappears too quickly to be eaten.

The food is absolutely wonderful. You may or may not have stomach problems afterwards, but that's a problem that persists with every type of Mexican food imaginable, so it's something that doesn't affect our opinion of it.

6. Birgantine Seafood Restaurant

Food of the Sea, Hear My Birgantine!

I don't know where I was going with that joke, and I'm entirely sorry for it.

Anyways, Birgantine is great. It's easily comparable to Islander, since they're both seafood restaurants in Coronado, but it just doesn't make the cut as well. The food is absolutely astounding, and we at Daring Penguin love it to death. But it's not something that we want to go and eat extremely often. Instead, it's more of something that we only go for every so often, but even then it's great.

The inside of the store is nice and quaint, and it's just generally a fantastic place to be. It's very relaxing, and you can go and pass time there easily. It's a great place to go and just take a computer or notebook, and write or draw depending on what your hobbies are.

Birgantine is a place that if you have the chance to go to Coronado, I'd recommend going there. In fact, I'd recommend getting Islander on your first day and Birgantine on your last day to see which of the two locations you prefer. It's going to be a lot of fun to see which people end up preferring; will you choose Islander or Birgantine?

7. Saiko Sushi

Chop Chop, Here's Sushi

Sushi, huh? From what I understand, Sushi is one of those things that you either love or absolutely hate. While I haven't found a type of Sushi that I've enjoyed, the rest of the Daring Penguin team absolutely loves this place. It's crazy just how much the team loves this place. Honestly speaking, it should be higher on the list but personal bias towards me not liking sushi is why it's down here at number seven.

It's very good quality for sushi, and it definitely did taste better than what you would get from a normal place, that's for sure. In fact, it was really good. It just wasn't my thing. But regardless, if you enjoy sushi than Saiko's is definitely where you should go while you're in Coronado. It's a fun place, and you really get into the mood of things while you're there and it makes time pass by a lot faster.

Go Ahead...Be Adventurous!

Like every other article on Daring Penguin, this is nothing more than a set of recommendations from our team to you. If you end up loving everything on this list, great! If you end up not liking anything though, we're sorry. We'll try harder next time! But regardless, my dear Penguins, we hope that you'll have a fantastic time in Coronado. It's a great place to visit, and it's home to some great restaurants, too.

So what did you Penguins end up enjoying more? The American styled cuisine, the Italian or Mexican? Oh, did maybe the dual seafood take you over and take the cake for your favorite places? Granted, we expect that a lot of people will agree about Nado Gelato being absolutely fantastic if you enjoy ice cream. It's just such a fun place, as is the rest of the locations on the list. It'd be fun to see a poll of what you Penguins end up preferring more from every list.

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