If there is one thing that my tumultuous generation and most rebel generations can agree on, it is that ramen is legitimately the delicious, sustaining force of everyone ages 16-28. Whether you’re still following the top ramen directions or getting edgy by adding frozen veggies and sriacha sauce, we all still love a bowl of local ramen free of the tarnish caused by microwave water and the sense of despair that comes with home-cooked ramen. For those of you in the city of sin, we’ve selected five of the top ramen joints to ever grace Las Vegas -- a city of many splendored luxury and hole-in-the-wall ramen restaurants.

Although we all agree that choosing the best is subjective, these ramen shops have been chosen based upon their ramen (obviously), interior, appetizers, price, and portions. Delivery isn’t a must, but if there is no delivery, the ramen and appetizers must be exceptionally fresh. The interior can be weak, but the price must be cheap. Closing time is very important because ramen isn’t a breakfast food and is a soothing late night dinner.

With wealth and glamour in mind, our first ramen restaurant is beyond the terms “joint” or “hole-in-the-wall” that dog other ramen eateries. Itsy Bitsy Ramen is more expensive than the other places on this list, but it is worth every penny. The inside is particularly posh and post-modern looking with plenty of seating. They offer an excellent location for mixing ramen with a social life. It’s so elegant that it is perfect for a ritzy date meant to impress. As for their ramen, it is superb, comes in many varieties, and has an umami that cannot be beat. There isn’t any delivery offered currently, but with flavors this fantastic you have to forgive them for not having time to make it to go. Luckily for everyone, the portions aren’t itsy bitsy and come arranged in ways that are a lovely bite for the eye. Their full bar and DJ make them even more fabulous for this list.

The opposite of Itsy Bitsy is Yagyu. While Yagyu also closes before midnight, it has far less of the tasteful decoration and a lot more pseudo-Asian vibes that so much of America loves: fish tanks, fans, geisha dolls, and koi fish designs. Despite this, the inside is very pretty and clean with a laid back atmosphere that makes it perfect for lunch or family meals. The ramen also doesn’t fail. The spicy noddle is particularly wonderful and the portions are large enough to fill a small bottomless pit. There isn’t any delivery, but this ensures less wait time and fresher ramen.

If bold flavors is what rocks your socks off, then Ramen Misoya Tomi is just the place for you. Closing at midnight and free-Wi-Fi make it every ramen fanatic’s dream: a ramen bar. It is perfect for late night study meetings and curing the munchies. While delivery seems counter-intuitive, their delivery is speedy and well-contained. What puts this place over the top is the non-ramen items which are delicious and sometimes seem better than the ramen. Just be careful not to get anything too spicy because they actually mean hot.

Still, we all get late night cravings, suffer insomnia, and burn the midnight oil (Some never actually leave the ramen shop). For such times, Jinya Ramen not only is there for you, they are happy to be the clean, well-lit place that serves as a bastion of ramen and hope. Their ramen noodle is of higher quality than almost any place of their small size and staff on the market. The obvious benefit of being open until 3 in the morning aside, their super-modern interior design and excellent offering of alcohol and appetizers makes them ludicrously amazing. They also deliver for the homebodies of the world. Whether nightclubbing or just looking for a nice place to have a few, Jinya is quality at the best price.

Still, where would we all be without hole-in-the-wall food? It is for this reason that this list would be remiss if it only included the perfect ramen shops. Despite being rather small, the excellent price and charming, little, café aesthetics makes Monta Ramen the best cheap alternative in Las Vegas. Their noodles, while a bit thinner than usual, pack a savory taste with all the little vegetable and meat extras that make even the most ritzy ramen shop great. Their prices are cheap (everything is under ten dollars) and they are open until 11 on most nights. Sadly, they do not deliver.

Honorable mentions go out to Fukumimi Ramen for having some very lovely broth, Miko’s Izayaka for delivering both sushi and ramen that is quite good, and Ichiza for offering half portions to those of us that don’t do boxes or eat a lot.