How to Get the Best Universal Studios Deals

How to Get the Best Universal Studios Deals

Expenses on trips to theme parks add up, but take advantage of some of these Universal Studios deals, and you'll have some money left over for souvenirs.

Universal Studios Hollywood is an expansive and historical theme park with rides themed around many modern movie classics. From Jurassic Park to the Simpsons, enough franchises are represented to excite any fan out there. To get the most out of your experience though, saving money where you can is a good idea. Here are a few lifesaving tips to make sure you have enough leftover pocket money for plenty of mementos to remember the trip by.

Two days for the price of one

Universal Studios Hollywood is full of so many shows, rides, and roller coasters, it is next to impossible to experience them all in one day. Fortunately Universal is offering the perfect deal. Until February of next year, you can get a two-day ticket for the price of one. The only catch is the second day you buy is only for non-Black Out dates. But as long as you check beforehand that your travel dates do not fall on days where you can't gain admission, it is a nearly flawless deal.

Check what discounts you qualify for

There are tons of small discounts for Universal Studios Hollywood tickets out there if you know where to look. If you have a membership to a particular organization, are a student, or have a connection to the military, you can get all sorts of lower prices:

-A Costco membership gets you not only into their Southern California stores but also gives you access to the discounted tickets they offer from time to time. Their website also offers discounts, but non-members must pay a five percent surcharge on all purchases.

-Premium Outlets is a large chain of outlet malls that has a VIP Club you can join for free. After joining, you get deals like a three-day pass for $79 or ten dollars off regular admission.

-It may be small, but AAA gives members three dollars off single-day tickets.

-If you attend college in California, there is a good chance you qualify for an annual pass for the price of a single-day ticket.

-Members of the military, past and present, get three dollars off single-day tickets with valid military ID, but often can save more when visiting ITT offices.

-American Express cardholders can redeem their rewards points for tickets.

-AAA members, American Express cardholders, and those with annual passes all get ten percent off food and beverages and 15 percent off of merchandise and souvenirs.

Gather all your friends for the group rate

Typically, group rates can seem impossible to manage with their minimum head count upwards of 20, but Universal Studios gives out their group rate for groups as little as ten. You must fill out an inquiry form ahead of time stating the purpose of your group and reason for visiting. Obviously, some of the questions are more for if you are visiting with coworkers or a religious organization. Do not worry, if you and your friends don't count under any of the listed reasons, you can always select "Other".

Take advantage of deals for locals

Much like Orlando, the area of Southern California offers special deals and discounts for people who live in the area. Residents can get an annual pass for the same price as a single day ticket, making this deal a hard one for non-locals to swing. If you know anyone with an annual pass, you can get discounted tickets by using them as a proxy. Annual pass holders get heavily discounted tickets for special holiday events happening in the park. Skip to the front of the admission line and get in cheap for Halloween Horror Nights if you go with a passholder. If you know anyone in the area, it can't hurt to try to use these deals.

Book your tickets and hotel together

Unlike the Universal Studios in Orlando, Universal Studios Hollywood does not have its own resorts for you and your friends and family to stay in. Fortunately, they do have their own affiliated hotels that offer great deals when you purchase lodging and tickets together. Plus, they offer free shuttles, meaning you can save money on their atrocious parking costs. Here are your options:

-Hilton Universal City - When you book at this affiliated hotel, you get parking for your vehicle, free breakfast each morning, and transportation to both the main entrance at Universal Studios and the entrance to Universal CityWalk. You can also purchase your tickets through the hotel to save money and trouble.

-Sheraton Universal Hotel - This affiliated hotel offers many of the same perks as Hilton Universal City—parking on-site, breakfast included, and a shuttle to the park—but they also offer discounts to AAA members, meaning you can save doubly on hotels and tickets with only one membership card.

-Others offering what Universal has deemed the Breakfast and Parking Package for their small group of hotels are the Garland, the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport, and the Sportsmen's Lodge Hotel.

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