Everyone loves going to the beach and it's important to make sure you're bringing along a few of the essentials so that you can better enjoy the time there. Whether you're just wanting to lay out on the sand and soak up the rays or plan on getting wet and having a blast in the water, we want to provide a check list so that you'll spend more time soaking up the sun and a lot less time trying to make sure you've packed everything that you might need.

The first thing you need to understand about Portland is it's a lot different than other places. While most people suggest the weather is always rainy, it's actually more overcast than anything else, although they do see a good bit of rain during certain parts of the year as well. So let's check out that check list and make sure you're not over packing which can lead to heavy flight fees.

1. Towels, Towels, and More Towels.

One thing you can never get enough of when visiting any beach are towels. For this reason, you want to pack an appropriate amount. Usually one pretty large one, or a few decent-sized ones are great to have for those who want to lounge on the beach instead of spending time in the water. Likewise, if you plan to pack a lunch then it's a good idea if you don't have chairs to have enough towels for people to sit on. For kids or anyone else who plan on spending time in the water, it's nice to have a towel or two so they can dry off when they're done which can also help prevent sand from sticking to you. A second towel can be used in the event of one not drying fast enough if a child comes out to use the bathroom, to eat, or just wants to spend some time soaking up the rays with you on the beach. Not all beaches have a shower or place to rinse off the sand when you've had your fill of the beach for the day. For this reason, it's good to have something to protect the seats in your vehicle with.

2. Sunscreen

If you know it's going to be particularly hot during the time in which you'll opt to visit, or even sunny, it's a great idea to have a way to protect yourself from the UV rays from the sun. Try purchasing one that is also waterproof so you don't have to spend more time reapplying to yourself and children, and the kids can stay in the water longer.

3. Drinks

After spending a warm day out in the water, it's good to have a cooler packed with healthy beverages such as water, or sports drinks to keep you plenty hydrated. Many would think that staying in the water would be enough, but you actually don't notice how easy it is to dehydrate when you have the water keeping you fairly cooled off. Likewise, when it comes to being thirsty you'll find you can spend a lot less money in the shops than if you pack your own drinks to bring with you.

4. Change of clothes

Sometimes instead of going back to your choice of lodging and having to force yourself to cook, it's nice to be able to stop somewhere and grab a quick bite to eat before crashing back at your hotel. For this reason, we suggest a change of clothes which can make you more comfortable and allow you to sit in somewhere and grab a bite to eat or even run in to a store long enough to pick up something simple to fix. It's wise to check around and take note of local laws that specify whether you're required to wear clothes over your bathing suit or if they deem a bathing suit acceptable attire.

5. Food

Just as we mentioned above, when it comes to food and drink, some places can be pricey and more so for tourists. Lightly packing a lunch such as drinks and sandwiches can save you money and provides a less messy and easier clean up on the beach.

6. Source of entertainment

We all love playing in the water and while it can be fun, you might get bored or find yourself wanting to do something else. Bringing things such as a Frisbee, football, or other beach toys is a great way to stay entertained and make more out of your day on the beach.

Portland beaches have a lot to offer to those who are looking for something fun and cheap to do on a beautiful day. Just like with any beach visit there are some essentials that you want to keep with you to keep from being burnt and spending more time having fun and we hope this list has helped.