Dos and Don'ts of Visiting the Grand Canyon

Dos and Don'ts of Visiting the Grand Canyon

A list of what to do, and what to avoid when visiting the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon, first of all, DO visit it! Attracting over five million visitors a year, the Grand Canyon does not fail to awe and create speechlessness in many of its visitors as it is one of the world's premier natural attractions. As visitors look down into this natural 227-mile long masterpiece carved out by the wild running Colorado River, running at an average width of ten miles with a depth of one mile, one can't help but imagine themselves on another planet, although they are merely in Northern Arizona.

Besides offering its visitors a humbling sight strewn in wonderment, the Grand Canyon offers many attractions that show off more gorgeous views-- hiking, camping, marathons, mule riding, rafting, and aerial experiences to name a few. However, before seeking the new thrills and adventures this natural masterpiece has to offer, take a look at some dos and don'ts visitors should consider when visiting the Grand Canyon in order to create a most memorable experience.

DO pick the perfect traveling season.

The late spring, or early fall, guarantees thinner crowds and impeccable weather. This results in a display of the Canyon's finest in all its wonderment, sure to create a lasting experience as one that is memorable enough to ensure another visit.

DO book ahead to ensure your stay inside the park.

The trouble it takes to get in and out of this national state park may impact memories negatively in a vacation that should bring about so much positivity. The Grand Canyon offers viewers life-changing views and fresh air for opening minds, one's experience should not negatively be affected by all the pains that come with getting in and out of the park. Since lodges inside the park are usually in demand, it is always best to book well ahead of your travels.

DON'T limit your viewpoints to the Skywalk.

The Grand Canyon's Skywalk is perhaps the most touristy of all Grand Canyon adventures. Don't forget to check out one, or more, of the several other viewpoints along the way that are more remote; they offer even more incredible and lasting views of the canyon.

DO arrive at the viewpoints at dawn, or before sunset.

If a person were to tune into the canyon at the right time, they may discover living art in the form of a masterpiece as slivers of sunlight dance through dark tones, and rich vibrant colors twinkle before the eyes of the beholder on a constantly changing landscape.

DO know your family's abilities.

Choose activities accordingly, as some can be quite strenuous. The proper activities to suit one's family can make, or break, this masterful experience.

DO carry a physician's release.

As it is often required for the more strenuous hikes, it is a good idea to have this on you to ensure your ability to do any activity the park has to offer. Being told you are not allowed to do something you've planned on doing because of not having this paperwork could greatly hinder the lasting excitement of your travels.

DO break in your hiking boots in advance.

You want to avoid blisters and sores on the hike down the canyon to ensure a memorable experience, in which the experience is not one of pain.

DON'T hike alone.

With a surplus of natural phenomena, as with any hiking adventure, it is always best to have a buddy. However, if you do hike alone, always keep someone informed on your estimated departure and arrival times, as well as your anticipated destination.

DO keep electronics to a minimum.

In an age of electronics, and mechanistic thinking, we often fail to see what the natural world around us has to offer. We miss things everyday as we are consumed by our technologies, as nature yearns for our recognition of its beauty and its daily messages. The Grand Canyon is a masterful product of nature, and carries messages with its beauty that we cannot afford to miss on accordance of our technology. Our souls cry out to see sights like the ones the Grand Canyon has to offer, and we should not entrap ourselves to worldly goods while viewing the incredulity of the canyon's extravagance. If you must take your phone, leave it in your pocket unless you are capturing the canyon's beauty in pictures. A camera is one of the only technologies that should be an exception upon experiencing this natural phenomenon. Besides these reasons to leave technology aside, there are high chances of electronics getting damaged. You don't want to gain an expense during your travels; that being said, don't forget to take a waterproof camera on canyon rafting trips!

DON'T forget ample sunblock and/or a wide-brimmed hat.

Sun and wind are two things that the Grand Canyon has in abundance. You don't want a bad sunburn, or chapped skin to place hindrance on your experience.

Lastly, and most importantly...

DO carry plenty of water at ALL times.

People become easily dehydrated at the Grand Canyon as dehydration is the biggest safety issue within the park. Carry water on you at all times, and a surplus of water during hikes. Being within the canyon without water is not too different from being in the desert without water. Drink up and stay hydrated to ensure your safety during an unforgettable Grand Canyon experience.

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