8 Miami Clubs to Dance the Night Away

8 Miami Clubs to Dance the Night Away

There’s far too many Miami clubs for you to ever visit them all, so let us guide you through the best of the best.

1. Story

Story is by far one of the hottest clubs in Miami. Just ask anyone, tourist or local—they’ll tell you that this is the place to be on a Friday night. Though not yet as exclusive as LIV or Mansion, everyone knows it’s an up-and-coming venue that puts on some really great shows. For this reason, Story is already gaining a reputation for being the club that you schedule the rest of your club-going around. In fact, it was created by the company behind LIV, and their influence can definitely be seen in the vibrant atmosphere.

As a result, it can get pretty crowded, with partiers of all types choosing to spend their nights at Story. You’ll see couples in their thirties, singles in their twenties, and everything in between. If you don’t call to book a table in advance, you’ll probably regret it—the number is (305) 479-4426. Remember that if you’re interested in a specific event, you’re going to have to buy tickets well in advance. The events Story hosts are rightly praised, so they can sell out fairly quickly.

2. Club Space

Club Space is one of the biggest, best-known clubs in Miami. If you heard about Miami nightlife from a friend, there’s a good chance that he or she mentioned the notorious Club Space at some point. Unlike some popular clubs, though, it deserves all of its hype. It delivers wild, crazy fun night after night—there are no lulls in the action at Club Space. It may be the only club on this list that doesn’t experience a bit of an off-season in the months when the tourists are out of town.

Real nightlife enthusiasts come from all over to go to Club Space, which is now in its second decade of operation. It’s coming to be known as a Miami classic, and it deserves it. If you’re looking for the quintessential Miami nightclub experience, you’re looking for Club Space. The shows are great year-round, and the ambiance is unique and powerful. For big events—and in big travel months—you’ll want to make sure you get tickets well in advance.

3. Do Not Sit on the Furniture

For a very different experience, try the strangely named Do Not Sit on the Furniture. It doesn’t appear on many lists of the best clubs in Miami, but don’t hold that against it. Do Not Sit on the Furniture is very new, but in a world where nightclubs come and go, it’s already showing signs of real staying power. There’s no other club quite like it in all of Miami, and in a city where there are so many options to choose from, that’s saying something. It’s small, but not cramped, and the décor capitalizes on the unique space. On most nights, you’ll feel like you’re in a much bigger venue than you actually are.

That being said, it can get a bit cramped at the height of tourist season; this might be a better choice for summer vacationers. However, if you’re seeking a club with a bit of a hipster vibe, there’s simply no better choice. It specializes in house music and features DJs from around the world, which has made it very popular among people who really know music. Considering its status as an up-and-coming club, it’s actually quite inexpensive, and it’s a great choice if you’re looking to have a good time but not spend too much money. Keep in mind that the seating, as the name might suggest, is less than extensive—if you’re going to visit, be prepared to spend a lot of time on the dance floor!

4. Wall

Wall couldn’t be more different from Do Not Sit on the Furniture. Instead of eclectic décor, there’s bright, striking lights; instead of offering low prices, this club will put some real pressure on your wallet. No hipsters here—this is the place where the up-and-coming professionals hang out. Sprinkled in among that crowd are a few real celebrities, making Wall a big deal in certain circles.

The thing to keep in mind about Wall is that while it’s not unreasonably expensive, it may not be the best place to spend every night of your trip—go for one night, and one night only. It boasts one of the highest-grossing bars in the country, but it’s not expensive enough to be prohibitive to the average tourist. Located in the W Hotel, this is definitely a one-time indulgence, but it’s worth it. The décor alone is enough to make sure you never look at a nightclub the same way again.

5. Cameo

If you’re looking for a nice compromise between something like Do Not Sit on the Furniture and something like Wall, why not check out Cameo? This club is well known enough to always be lively, but it still has an eclectic vibe that you won’t find at many of the more popular clubs. Cameo originated as an Art Deco theater, and later on became a live music venue known for hosting groups like Pearl Jam. Today, it’s one of the most flexible dance clubs in the city.

Unlike some other clubs, which really only deliver in one music genre, Cameo is good at everything. No matter what genre it happens to be dabbling in on any given night, the music is always stellar and the vibe is always energetic. It specializes in house music, musica latina, and trance, but it’s pretty much impossible to catch the Cameo DJs on a bad night. The ever-changing roster keeping people coming back again and again for more.

6. Purdy Lounge

If you’re looking for something a bit more laid-back, though, you should try Purdy Lounge. While it does offer dancing, it isn’t the wild party scene that you’ll find in other venues—it’s a nice place to go for a quieter night. Purdy Lounge is another club that doesn’t often appear on best-of lists, so it never gets too crowded. That being said, it certainly has a loyal following; the lounge atmosphere attracts both tourists and locals alike. It’s hard to find another club in Miami that has a genuine retro feel, and that’s not even getting into the board games! Who wouldn’t want to go to a club where you can be dancing one moment and playing backgammon the next?

7. Blackbird Ordinary

Another club with a unique vibe is Blackbird Ordinary, which is hipster-inspired but not, strictly speaking, a hipster venue. When it shows up in magazines, it’s usually being praised for its amazing bartenders—this isn’t one of those clubs that thinks the quality of the drinks comes second to the quality of the music. That’s not to say, though, that the music at Blackbird Ordinary isn’t excellent.

On most nights, Blackbird Ordinary offers DJs on par with the best in the city, but on other nights, it transforms into a local music venue. Unlike just about any other venue in the city, Blackbird Ordinary manages to make tourists feel like locals. As you sit in a spacious booth watching your friends on the dance floor or over at the pool tables, it’s easy to forget that this isn’t your hometown. No club is better at delivering high-quality drinks and dancing in a casual environment—Blackbird Ordinary is sure to keep you coming back again and again.

8. Churchill's Pub

The final place we suggest for a night on the town is Churchill’s Pub. Some say that Churchill’s can’t decide if it wants to be an ordinary bar or a proper nightclub, and they may be right. However, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If there comes a night when you’d rather watch a game than dance the night away, Churchill’s is a great option. At the same time, though, they offer music on par with the best nightclubs, and their food isn’t to be missed. The music is usually anything but quiet, yet somehow this is still a great option for a quiet night.

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