9 Good Places to Eat at the Las Vegas Airport

9 Good Places to Eat at the Las Vegas Airport

Under the circumstances of waiting hours for his flight, a person is bound to build an appetite. Here are some worthwhile eats at the Las Vegas Airport.

The Las Vegas Airport is its own miniature city, offering wary travelers fragments of the bigger Vegas before they even set foot past the doors of the airport. The famous Las Vegas Strip is somewhat replicated throughout the airport, with lights and slot machines, casino like rooms and bars, and many memorable restaurants. Every terminal has something unique to offer. Aside from the popular fast food favorites and sit down restaurants located among the terminals, here are a few places to find food that stands out among the others in the McCaren International, Las Vegas Airport.

1. Gordon Biersch Brewing Co.

Location: Terminal 1, D Gates (Next to Gate D-6)
Atmosphere: Sit-Down, Casual
Type: Full Menu, From Sea Food to Sirloins to Pizza

With a full menu including Gordon Biersch's legendary Garlic Fries as a starter, among others such as Fried Calamari and Southwest Egg Rolls, this food stop in the airport has a menu to please any appetite. Smaller items include soups, salads, an array of sliders, and California Beach Tacos. Full-sized meals, include their special seafood pasta plates, tasty burgers and pizzas. Accompanying their meal menu, Gordon Biersch Brewing Co. offers a wide drink selection including a variety of beers brewed by Gordon Biersch. The option of "Perfect Pairings" matches the food item you've selected with the perfect beer to go alongside it.

2. Don Alejandro's Texan Grill

Location: Esplanade
Atmosphere: Sit-Down, Southwestern
Serves: Southwestern/ Texan Grill

The scents wafting through the air at the Esplanade - located right before you enter security - are most likely coming from Don Alejandro's Texan Grill. This sit-down southwestern style restaurant offers a variety of tasty dishes, along with a drink menu to help travelers "get ready" for their upcoming flights and adventures. Don Alejandro's menu is a menu that could please any appetite with their lists of appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches, North-of-the-Border meals, South-of-the-Border meals, and gourmet burgers. If you're just about to go through the security checkpoint and this food stop catches your eye and the delicious scent of great food beckons to you, be sure to check out Don Alejandro's Texan Grill.

3. The Village Pub

Location: Terminal 3, E Gates (Between Gates E-8, and E-9)
Atmosphere: Sit-Down, Casual, Pub
Serves: Bar-Finds, Pub Foods

Serving up beer-battered fish and chips, appetizers, sandwiches, fried chicken, soups and salads, The Village Pub creates the perfect atmosphere for the hardy traveler who is hungry for something fun and easy. Accompanying their menu, The Village Pub offers a variety of beers hand-crafted in Vegas. These specialty beers allow travelers their first - or if departing Vegas, perhaps their last - taste of the Vegas food and drink scene.

4. Metro Pizza

Location: Terminal 1, D Gates (Between Gates D-34, and D-36)
Atmosphere: Sit-Down, Casual, Pizzeria
Serves: Pizza, Italian

Serving one of America's favorite dishes, this Vegas stalwart implemented within the airport emphasizes everything Vegas's favorite pizzeria holds true, while it remains home of the Nation's Pizza Hall of Fame in America's family of pizzerias. Though only an abbreviated version of this Vegas Pizzeria's menu is found in the airport, more of the Metro's mouthwatering menu can be enjoyed after leaving the airport and resuming your travels in Vegas. As cravings for this pizza are common, one might come across another one of the Metro's many locations across the valley during a next trip to Vegas.

5. Las Vegas Chop House & Brewery

Location: Terminal 3, B Gates (Between Gates E-8, and E-9)
Atmosphere: Sit-Down, Casual/ Formal, Steakhouse
Serving: Full Course Dishes, Steaks, Seafoods

In the middle of Terminal 3 there is a Steakhouse with a full menu including: crab cakes, salmon, filet mignon, and sirloins! If you're in the need of a hardy and fulfilling meal, this steakhouse may be the food stop you need to make during your wait at the Las Vegas Airport. The Las Vegas Chop House & Brewery offers fast delivery, excellent service, and a full wine and beer menu.

6. PGA Tour Grill

Location: Terminal 3, E Gates (Across from Gate E-3)
Atmosphere: Sit-Down, Casual Dining, Golf- Themed
Serving: Seafood to Sirloins, Healthy

With heart-healthy dishes and ingredients that satisfy every palate, the PGA Tour Grill serves everything from Grilled Citrus Salmon to Smothered Flatiron Steak, many of the dishes are named after golf terminology. The PGA Tour Grill features a menu that any golf enthusiast, or health food addict will love. Menu elements include almonds, anti-oxidant rich honey, arugula, spinach, and quinoa. Aside from the menu, the PGA Tour Grill also offers golf-themed cocktails, PGA events, and tournaments as part of the package.

Quick Meals and Easy Stops for the Hungry Traveler in a Hurry

7. Moe's Southwest Grill

Location: Terminal 1, A Gates (Gate A-15)
Atmosphere: Fast Food, Sit-Down
Serving: Burritos, Southwestern Cuisine

As a popular fast-food/sit-down airport restaurant, Moe's does not fail to satisfy those seeking to fulfill their Southwestern cravings. Known for being a "Southwestern Subway," in which guests can build their own Burritos, Moe's has become a popular quick-stop for people who want quality fast food made specifically to their liking. At the airport, a place where nothing ever seems to go the way we like, Moe's is a welcoming sight where the greeters are always positive and everything can go the way we would like. Guaranteed, the words "Welcome to Moe's!" have never sounded better than they do at the airport.

8. California Pizza Kitchen

Location: Terminal 1, Post- Security Food Court
Atmosphere: Casual, Sit-Down
Serving: Pizza

Holding the seal of approval from the official Eater's Review site, California Pizza Kitchen offers quick and delicious pizza to satisfy the growing appetite of the wary traveler.

9. Blue Burrito Grille

Location: Terminal 1, C Gates (Next to Gate C-5)
Atmosphere: Fast-Food
Serving: Burritos

Don't feel like making the trek all the way to the A gates for a bite from Moe's Southwestern Grill? Blue Burrito Grill offers travelers tasty made-to-order burritos that leave them just as satisfied. Along with burritos, Blue Burrito Grill also sells rice bowls. However, if you're looking for a quick fix for a good meal, there is no seating here for a sit-down meal. So, make the most of being in the Las Vegas Airport and enjoy a meal on-the-go, while perusing the slot machines.

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