11 Daytime Activities in South Beach

11 Daytime Activities in South Beach

Discover where to go and what to see while in South Beach Area. One of the hottest vacation spots in the country is definitely a place you should check out.

Every year there are thousands of tourists visiting the beautiful South Beach area and enjoying the charms of this amazing vacation spot. Visit the sandy shores, go out for a drink to a rocking bar, and dine at the finest restaurant. This American Riviera is home to many different cultures and is considered to be one of the best spots in the country. If you are not sure how to spend the day or what to see first here at South Beach, we have come up with a guideline to all of the coolest places to visit and things to do during the day.

Rent a Scooter


The best way to see South Beach is renting a scooter and going for long rides. For those who want the capture, that special moments in the city during daytime, renting a scooter is probably the right way to go. Busy traffic and not enough parking spaces make it sometimes unbearable to move by car, and this is why many tourists are renting scooters these days.

There are a lot of places where you can get one of these superb vehicles. It is better than having a bike, simply because it lets you move faster and you can visit a lot of places on a scooter. The price of renting a scooter in South Beach is around $40 for four hours and that is quite a good deal.

Casino Cruises


For those who want to try out their luck, there are numerous gaming cruises available in South Beach. Casino Princesa is one of the most famous casino cruises in the area. Black Jack, poker, roulette and slot machines are just a couple of gaming options that are available during the cruise.

Besides gambling, these cruises offer a buffet and other entertainment programs for its visitors. The boats usually have four decks and a lot of people love it because of the amazing sunset view in the evening. Usually there are lots of tourists, especially on Thursdays, due to the Jackpot draws, so make sure to come early and book your stay at one of these amazing cruises.

The Famous Duck Tours


There are no actual ducks on this tour as the name says, but visiting Miami cruisers and spending 90 minutes on this joyride leaves all the visitors breathless. The tour includes a visit to the famous sites such as the historical Art Deco District and the Ocean Drive. The tour starts on 10th street and dives into the Biscayne Bay.

Visit the famous Miami’s islands and have a peak and the Millionaires Row, a perfect place for celebrity sightseeing. The cost of one tour is $24 per a person and departs every day from the 10th street and the Bayside Market Place. This is one of the most popular tourist activities and welcomes thousands of visitors every day.

Eat at Puerto Sagua


Cuban finest dishes prepared with fresh ingredients can be found at Puerto Sagua. If you haven’t read about this amazing restaurant in the papers or saw it on some television shows, then we assure you that this is one of the finest dining options in South Beach. Budget friendly prices and delicious meals are what attracts a number of tourists to this number one spot for families, couples and people on vacation.

Try the sandwich pork, ham, cheese and croquettes here. These are just some of the specialties in this amazing Cuban Restaurant. The outdoor patio is amazing and makes sure on weekends to get there earlier in order to find a free table.

Shopping Options in South Beach


South Beach is usually crowded with a lot of people every day and there are many shopping spots that have practically everything that you may need. From the Gap to the Armani clothing, South beach offers a lot of shopping adventures to its visitors. Washington Avenue, Espanola Way, and Collins Avenue are the main areas where you can find numerous stores opened during the day.

Probably the most famous spot for shopping is the area between the Lincoln Road Mall and the Sixth Avenue. The good news is that besides stores, here you can find a lot of cafes and restaurants on the promenade after or during your shopping hours. Make sure to visit the Espanola way and shop at reasonable prices throughout the day.

Check out the Wolfsonian


Home to a nice collection of decorative arts and artifacts from the political propaganda in the past century, The Wolfsonian is located in a renovated building and offers guided tours through the premises. On these tours, you can see numerous exhibitions, industrial designs from the war period and galleries.

One of the main attractions is surely propaganda materials from the fascist times in the early 30s. There are a lot of posters and objects that represent the totalitarian government from that era. Definitely a place worth a visit for everyone who loves to learn and see fragments of history.

Take a Walk Down to The Ocean Drive


Located near the Lummus Park, Ocean drive is a famous spot for parties and people having a good time. There are a number of hotels and bars in this area that attract many visitors during the day. We found the Betsy Hotel one of the hottest tourist attraction in this part of South Beach and definitely worth checking out.

Besides partying, Ocean drive is home to many restaurants and bars that are very popular among visitors. What better way to spend a couple of hours, then watching the people go by and enjoying the colorful view in the distance. Ocean Drive is one of these places that is popular both, during the day and in the evening.

Sunbathing on the Beach


The beaches here at South Beach are beautiful and welcome millions of tourists every year. The water is usually warm and one the reasons why this is such a popular destination among locals and visitors. Watch out for the Lummus Park area, because often it gets overcrowded and especially during the weekends.

If you are looking for a beach with fewer people here is a tip. Move a bit to the north and we are sure you will find more free space there. Chairs and umbrellas cost around $20, and the good news is that once you rent them out you can use them all day long. The Beaches here are possibly the main reason for large crowds of people and a spot definitely worth visiting while in South Beach.

Dine at the Khong River House


Of course, there are many amazing restaurants in the South Beach area, but a couple of these spots stand out from the crowd. One of these establishments is the Khong River House and a place on the list that we highly recommend to everyone who loves to have a good bite. Situated on Meridian Avenue, just outside the shopping area of South Beach, Khong River House prepares Thai food for its visitors.

The main menu is simply amazing and offers traditional dishes such as duck, pork, chicken, and prawns. The staff is very friendly and the prices are more than affordable. This is definitely the best lunch option and also has the best gin selection list in the area. The latest news is that the Khong River House was named one of the best restaurants in the South Beach area by the famous James Beard Foundation.

Take a Stroll Down the Boardwalk


There are some people that say that a visit to Miami is not complete until you go for a stroll down the famous South Beach Boardwalk. On one side, you can check out all of the fancy 5-star hotels and restaurants and on the other side you have the ocean view. Since the Boardwalk is not that short, some people rent out bikes and enjoy the sights while pedaling down this amazing road.

If by any chance you decide to take a longer walk down the Boardwalk, we advise you to get up early and go in the morning. This is simply because the temperature in Miami can be very high in midday, and at that time it is better not to be exposed directly to the sun.

See the Tallest Art Deco Hotel


Located in the heart of Ocean Drive, the famous Tides Hotel is the tallest hotel on the strip and has a beautiful panoramic view of the beach. It was built during the depression period, but over the years expanded to more than 100 rooms and 50 suites. The amazing ocean view is what Tides Hotel is most famous for, and a number of tourists stay here just for this amazing experience.

Every room, besides a minibar and a giant TV screen, also has a telescope for watching stars in the sky. There is also an outdoor pool with natural coral decorations. Tides Hotel is probably one of the most luxurious hotels in Miami and home to many celebrities while on vacation. Get a glimpse of how the rich and famous spend their free days, and if it fits your budget spend a day at the Tides.

South Beach with its vibrant atmosphere is considered to be one of the best places to hangout in Miami. During daytime, there are so many options to choose from, and new adventures are on every corner of the street. These are just a couple of things to do in South Beach area that caught our attention, and we are sure you will find at least 10 more on your visit to this amazing place.

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