Seattle Pizza: 10 Great Spots to Order a Pie

Seattle Pizza: 10 Great Spots to Order a Pie

This is a list of the best 10 places to get pizza in Seattle, from gourmet Neapolitan style pizza, to late night slices the size of a football.

1. Serious Pie

With blistered crusts from a stone encased apple wood oven, these Seattle style pizzas are topped with cheeses from all over the world. It’s not recommended you come here on a full stomach because while Serious Pie has sort of a bar setting and a great list of craft beers on tap, the aroma of fresh wood oven pizza will change your appetite in a matter of minutes. Serious Pie is considered one of the locals favorite places for pizza in Seattle so expect to be sitting closely with other hungry strangers trying to get their fix of this high-end Seattle style pizza.

Atmosphere: Casual, bar setting

Pizza Style: Stone-oven Seattle Style

Location(s): Two locations in Seattle. One in Westlake and the other in Pike

2. The Independent Pizzeria

The Independent Pizzeria has a mouth-watering menu, with pizza toppings that range from hand sliced pepperoni to Applegate Farms genoa salami. Customers here are able to pair a one a kind craft pizza with various salads, antipasto’s, and an endless selection of craft beer and honest wines.

Atmosphere: Not very big. Cozy and relaxed feel. Can be difficult to get a seat at during the rush hours.

Pizza Style: Craft Style Pizza

Location(s): Right on the water in beautiful Madison Park.

3. Zeeks Pizza

Driven by flavor, Zeeks surfer founded pizza is based upon the motto, “Life’s too short for a crappy pizza.” and they support that 100 percent by offering over 30 different types of pizza to choose from with the ability to also design your own pie. Zeeks is also offers some of the best pizza available for delivery.

Atmosphere: Lively, great place to watch the big game

Pizza Style: Thin-crust

Location(s): 13 locations all around the Seattle area.

4. MOD Pizza

A relatively new restaurant, MOD pizza has grown immensely in recent years due to their unique menu style. MOD Pizza gives their customers the opportunity to get creative by allowing them to order whatever additional toppings, sauces, or cheeses they want at no extra charge! So if you’re looking for a place where you can order a pepperoni, bacon, pineapple, bbq chicken, pizza with green peppers, onions, mushrooms, and 3 different types of cheese, all you have to do is go to MOD Pizza and ask.

Atmosphere: casual, fresh, quick eat type of feel.

Pizza Style: Whatever you make it.

Location(s): Over 15 locations throughout the Seattle area.

5. The Masonry

Though known for having one of the most extensive craft beer lineups in Seattle, The Masonry also offers some of the best wood-fired Neapolitan pizza around. Both neighborhood locals and tourists constantly fill this restaurant to get a taste of the spectacular Masonry pizza with house-made sausage, fontina, and shallots. The Sauce alone could convince your taste buds that you are eating at a small restaurant in Naples.

Atmosphere: eclectic, pub style feel.

Pizza Style: Wood-fired Neapolitan style

Location(s): 20 Roy St, Seattle, WA 98109

6. Pagliacci Pizza

If you’re looking for great customer service that gives you the comfortable feeling like you’re eating at your dinner table, Pagliacci’s Pizza is the place to go. There is no single element of Pagliaccia Pizza that makes it so delicious; instead, it’s a combination of perfectly constructed dough, sauce, cheese, and toppings that give this pizza its heavenly taste. They also use only the freshest ingredients in their pizza, pasta, and salad dishes, which makes it hard not to want to come back again and again.

Atmosphere: Very communal, customer-employee connected place.

Pizza Style: Super Thin Crust

Location(s): 24 locations in the Seattle area

7. Hot Mama's Pizza

While the logo and name suggest that the menu is full of spicy food, Hot Mama’s Pizza is actually best known for their famous pesto and house combo pizza’s. Craving a slice of late night za? Hot Mama’s counter service pizza is open till 2:30AM on the weekends and if that isn’t convenient enough they also offer FREE delivery to anyone in residential Capitol Hill or Downtown Seattle.

Atmosphere: Small New-York pizza shop feel.

Pizza Style: New-York Style counter service

Location(s): 700 E Pine St, Seattle WA 98122

8. Tutta Bella

If you have been searching Seattle for the most authentic Neapolitan pizza outside of Italy, your search is over. Tutta Bella is the Northwest’s first certified Neapolitan Pizzeria. Tutta Bella has received numerous awards for it’s authentic Naples taste and style. Their wood-fired masterpieces ooze tradition and send customers taste buds straight to Italy.

Atmosphere: Authentic Italian family feels

Pizza Style: Neapolitan

Locations: Columbia City, Issaquah, Westlake, Crossroads, and Stone Way

9. Northlake Tavern & Pizza House

This college hotspot has been serving crave-calming slices of pizza the size of a football for the last 5 decades. It’s the place to be during University of Washington football games as they attract students, fans, past players, and even the school band. You won’t find a heavier piece of pizza than the meat-eater special anywhere in Seattle. Keep in mind you do have to be 21 to dine in, but anyone can enjoy their delicious pizzas for takeout.

Atmosphere: College sports bar, late night post bar.

Pizza Style: Northlake Style Pizza (spin-off of New-York Style)

Location(s): University of Washington district, 660 NE Northlake Way, Seattle, WA 98105

10. Jets City Pizza

This takeout and delivery only pizza joint thinks from the outside in. Known for having the best crust in the city, Jets City Pizza offers a mind blowing 4 different types of crust. Their flakey, melt in your mouth, signature micro beer batter crust is the one that really makes a statement. If you are one of those people who like to try something out of the ordinary and ignore the buzz, don’t. The beer batter crust keeps locals coming back for more on a daily basis.

Atmosphere: Quick take out or delivery only.

Pizza Style: Various

Location(s): 6 locations around the Seattle area

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