6 Places to Stay in Seattle You May Not Have Considered

6 Places to Stay in Seattle You May Not Have Considered

Seattle abounds with places to stay just as it abounds with things to do and see, but at times you need a refresher to help you think out of the box.

Often when people visit a new city they pick their place of stay simply based upon the places they have heard of the most or that they are the most familiar with. While there may be benefits to going with the tried and true route, sometimes it's nice to know you have options with relation to pricing, location, and specific hotel qualities that are important to you.

Sometimes it's just nice to try something a little different that helps you feel a little more involved in Seattle's culture instead of staying in one of the chain hotels everyone knows about. Below is a compiled list of a few places you may not have originally thought of when you think about staying in Seattle.

1. Elsie's Bay Manor Bed and Breakfast

Source: www.elsiesbedandbreakfastbythebay.com

Want a place to stay that is easy on the wallet that also feels a little more like home? Then Elsie's may be a good option for you to check out. This hotel is located in an ideal location between Seattle and Tacoma, far enough away from downtown to drive the prices down, but close enough to be able to scoot downtown with a relatively small drive.

This Bed and Breakfast is run by Elsie, who founded the travel agency "Elsie from England" and who also happens to be an author, and writes about...you guessed it, Bed and Breakfast. She has traveled extensively to Britain and Ireland and has gleaned ideas about running a great Bed and Breakfast, so you are in good hands here.

Elsie has taken great care to have the rooms decorated beautifully and weaved in a distinct Victorian look that will have you feeling pampered. The rooms are cozy and the views are gorgeous. The rooms come equipped with refrigerators and microwaves and a few extras you don't normally find in other hotels, such as electric blankets, water bottles, as well as grooming aids like hairdryers and lotions.

A fabulous breakfast is provided with all the trimmings and if the weather is nice, you can choose to have it on the deck overlooking the Puget Sound. The ambiance here is relaxing and unhurried, so take your time to warm up to your day and plan all the other great things you'll be doing in Seattle.

Address: 27615 10th Avenue South, Des Moines, Washington, 98198
Phone: 253-839-5237
Website: http://elsiesbedandbreakfastbythebay.com/
Cost: $75.00-$95.00

2. Genosi Belltown Aparthel, Seattle

This is a more budget-friendly place to stay and does not usually have a staff on hand as it sort of has a more apartment type of feel to it. However, this is a great place for families to stay where price is the main concern, even families of up to five children.

The short-stay apartments have a bright, open, and hip-urban feel to them. They have chosen bright decor and there are large windows that let in the sunlight and provide a great view of the city.

Also included is an exercise and weight room which contains weights, exercise bikes, treadmills, mats, and elliptical machines and is open at any time of the day or night.

Address: 1823 Terry Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101
Phone: 1-888-950-5062

3. University Inn Seattle-Pineapple Hospitality

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“No complaints about this room.”

No doubt here that this hotel will really appeal to the young and modern generation with their fun and whimsical decor. Located just a stroll away from the University of Washington, and a small drive to downtown Seattle, the University Inn is placed in an ideal location that is close to downtown, but not too close for comfort.

If you want a free breakfast before you head off to all those activities you're looking forward to, try the hotel's breakfast spread, which you'll find is a healthy array of choices. The selection is geared to please the more health-loving palates of the younger generation. The breakfast hours are 6am-10pm, providing an ample window for you to leisurely wake up and get your breakfast, or to wake at the crack of dawn to get started on all the activities in your day.

If you want even more variety than their complimentary breakfast, try their in-house restaurant called the Portage Bay Cafe where they offer delectable and organic morsels for your palate's pleasure. The time frame here is even more liberal for those who want to sleep in, and is open from 7:30am-2:30am for breakfast or lunch.

If you're here on business, you can reserve meeting rooms at their sister-hotel, the Watertown Hotel which is only a block from the University Inn. They have meeting rooms that will seat anywhere from 10-100 and have many audiovisual tools to run your meeting in the most efficient manner. Call (866) 866-7977 to book a room beforehand.

One little tip, if you are wanting to go shopping during your stay, call the number (800) 733-3855 and mention the Shoppers Paradise package, and you will be given an amazing deal-a $100 gift certificate to University Village, a free shuttle service, and discounted room rates. It's hard to beat that!

This inn has made sure you can stay as active and fit as you would like during your stay by providing complimentary bikes and the use of their uniquely designed pool that's open during the warmer months. After seeing all of these great amenities, you just might want to stay a little longer.

Address: 4140 Roosevelt Way, NE, Seattle, WA
Phone: (815) 624-8286
Website: http://www.universityinnseattle.com
Email: info@universityinnseattle.com

4. KOA Seattle-Tacoma

So, yes, it's no joke, Seattle can get quite expensive at times. If you're finding it hard to squeeze Seattle's accommodation rates into your budget, why not try camping for a change? Many find that they are able to get closer to friends and relatives through camping. And although you will be sleeping outside in a tent, KOA's are known for also having a lot of great amenities that you wouldn't find on many other campgrounds. The Seattle KOA, for instance, has a playground, a laundry room, a seasonal pool, free wi-fi, a jogging/bike path and even tours to guide you around Seattle. They also include such unique extras as a dog park and a giant chess or checkers set!

The Seattle KOA gives you a wonderful opportunity to get closer to nature as it is parked right next to the Kent Bird Sanctuary and near scenic Mt. Rainier.

Make sure to bring the marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers as they have a group fire pit for you to enjoy. Also, don't forget your tarps, ponchos and tent hoods in case Seattle decides to act like. . . well, Seattle.

Might miss the continental breakfast at your favorite hotel? During the Summer, you can feed those morning hunger pangs with a fabulous pancake breakfast. The smell of those pancakes is sure to waft into your tent and get you on your feet in a hurry. After all is said and done, one thing's for sure- the KOA will provide you a unique experience for a great price.

Address: 5801 S. 212th St., Kent, WA, 98032
Phone (Toll-Free): 1-800-562-1892
Website: http://www.seattlekoa.com/
Price: $24.95-$42.95/ night

5. Home2 Suites by Hilton-Seattle Airport

Located only 2 miles from the Seattle-Tacoma Airport, this Hotel is a little more on the ritzy side but at the same time, very innovative. It has a unique facility called the Spin2Cycle which is a laundry room and a fitness center. This is a fabulous solution for those who want to stay close while their laundry is getting clean but don't want to waste time either. At the Spin2Cycle, you can get your exercise and stay near your laundry at the same time.

This planners of this hotel have gone to great lengths to make sure that it was built in a very environmentally friendly way. They have toilets that save on water with every flush, CFL light bulbs, shampoo holders that can't be tampered with to save on plastic bottle garbage waste, the use of real china instead of plasticware, and more. They also have a lovely pool that is saline-based instead of using harsh chemicals that can hurt skin and environment. All of these features are sure to win points with the environmentally-conscious.

In addition to being an eco-friendly hotel, they are also fabulously up-to-date with their popular and colorful decor in their indoor and outdoor common spaces, providing great places to relax and socialize.

Comfort has also been embedded into all of the hotel's rooms as well. Their soft microfiber sheets may leave you wanting to linger in bed just that little bit longer. Each kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, microwave-safe plates, and even a toaster and sink. The rooms bedrooms also provide a place to dock your devices such as an iphone or an ipad for the night.

Address: Home2 Suites by Hilton-Seattle/Southcenter,
300 Upland Dr., Tukwila, WA 98188
Phone: (206)-623-7300
Website: http://explorehome2suites.com/

6. Belltown Inn

Looking at the outside of the Belltown Inn, you can tell this hotel marches a bit to it's own beat. And on the inside, you'll find out even more about marching to it's own beat as the hotel has a fabulous music theme throughout with music-theme upholstered chairs and artwork. The inn has a distinct Seattle flavor to it thus appealing to many visitors looking for something apart from the ordinary.

The location is a huge plus if you are looking for something right in the heart of downtown Seattle. It is centrally located between the Space Needle and Pike Place Market and is close enough to the bay to give you some great scenic views, especially on the higher floors or rooftop deck.

They have a courtyard that can be viewed from inner facing windows as well as bikes that the hotel will loan you for free. They also have free toiletries, a hairdryer, ironing board and iron, as well as all the kitchen accessories you need such as microwave and refrigerator. Also includes wi-fi and cable.

One thing to remember about this hotel before you pick up the phone to book a room is that it is entirely smoke-free only. This will likely be a great place for you if you don't enjoy hotels that mix non-smoking with smoking.

Address: 2301 3rd Avenue, Seattle, WA
Phone: (206) 529-3700
Website: http://www.belltown-inn.com/

So yes, it is true, some of these hotels might not be as well heard-of as some other 5-star hotels in Seattle, but each of these lodgings have some special qualities and unique characteristics and should make your stay in Seattle the unique and memorable time you've been hoping for.

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